Omaha Holdem Poker Strategies & Tactics

The following Omaha Poker strategies will help you find the best starting hands and keep you out of trouble. Using these Omaha poker strategies, if you do find yourself with a hand that is confusing, you will know whether you should fold or continue playing the hand. If you are new to Omaha please read this Omaha poker rules guide to learn how to play.

Omaha Poker Strategy: Positioning
In Omaha, you need to pay careful attention to positioning. Because in Omaha poker, everyone starts with the twice the usual number of cards, a greater range of hands is formed –which means that good players can easily exploit inexperienced or bad players. When you are in the early position, you want to play extremely tight, and loosen up as you move on to later position. You want to be ready to enter the pot with more hands when you are in the blinds, because of the bigger range of possibilities for each hand.

Before the flop, the above is great Omaha poker strategy for positioning. But you must also be aware of what types of starting hands you need to watch out for. A good hand like A-K-Q-10 gives you a great start, allowing you to have the possibility of a flush, as well as straight draws that might come up. This type of hand is high card heavy, so if you do not end up with a straight, you might still come out with a full house or two pair. When determining your Omaha poker strategy, it is important to remember that Omaha is a thinking game, based less on luck and chance and more on actual intellect.

Omaha Poker Strategy: Ace/Ace Combo
Any hand containing a pair of aces is an A-number one hand to start with, although you should not get overly confident with this starter hand – there can always be better ones out there, even if you have the best two pair. Any pair of aces with another pair, such as A-A-9-9 is also a great starter hand, because it leaves the possibility of a full house open if the community cards have an A or 9 among them. Hands like A-A-J-T is a great builder hand for a straight, as well as A-A-K-Q. Lots of possibilities there.

Omaha Poker Strategy: Hands to Muck or Fold
A pair of sevens or lower combined with another other cards other than those from Tens through Aces is a weak hand that should be folded as soon as possible. The only possibility for hands like this is if the two other cards complement the pair or if you think you might draw out a straight. Hands like two pairs of threes and fours are tempting to bet on, but more often than not, these won’t take the pot.

Omaha Poker Strategy: The 3 and 2 Rule
Many of the most successful and highly paid Omaha poker players following the “3 and 2 rule” Omaha poker strategy. The “3 and 2 rule” Omaha poker strategy is simple: you cannot win at Omaha unless the hand you plan to play has exactly three cards from the community card pile and two from your hand. Many strategists tell their peers to hammer this into their heads and live and play by it. Although it is possible, the most money-winning players who following this Omaha poker strategy find that it works out the majority of the time for them.