Omaha High-Low Rules

Omaha Hi-Lo is very similar to the normal Omaha game with the main difference being the end result. The pot is split between the two players with highest and lowest hand respectively. It is played as eights or better.

The player on the left side of the dealer posts a Small Blind at the beginning of the game; a Big Blind post follows it from the player on left side.
The Big Blind is half the table limit; Small Blind is half the limit of the Big Blind.
The dealer deals four facedown cards to each player, called hole cards.
The player directly left of the Big Blind post makes the first bet.
Betting ends and the dealer deals the Flop; three face up community cards.
After the bets, the dealer deals the Turn, which is the fourth card in the community pack.
More betting follows this.
After the round, a last card called the River is dealt face up.
Last betting follows.
What is the high hand?
The high hand in Omaha Hi-Lo is the same as the normal five-card hand that is used in poker. The highest hand wins one half of the pot. The combination of the hand must be two hole cards together with three community cards.

What is the low hand?
This hand is made up the lowest cards and the person with the lowest hand combination of two hole cards and three community cards, wins half of the pot. The low hand must have five cards with values below or the same as eight. It cannot consist of any two cards or pairs. Low hands can also not have flush or straight combinations. The player is allowed to have a pair in the high hand, just not to win as a low hand.

What is the best low hand?
The best combination of a low hand is A, 2,3,4, and 5. It is called the wheel since the rules states that every participant in the game must have a hand made up from two hole cards and three community cards. It is only possible to gain a low hand if there is three cards with value eight or below on the table.

If a participant has five cards that are eight in value or below eight, they cannot be taken as a low hand. When there are no players who qualify for a low hand at the end of a round, then the pot as it is, goes the highest hand player.

Can a player have both high and low hands?
You can use the same cards for both high and low hands as long as the combination is three community cards together with two hole cards, or you can have different cards for the high and the low hand. You must however have the minimum of three cards from the table and two from your hand for either a low or high hand.

What is sweeping of the pot?
It is where a player has both the best high and the best low hand. He then receives the whole pot, thus the half for the low hand and the half for the high hand. The player has then swept the poker pot.

The rules are almost the same as in the normal Omaha. If the first hole card is exposed, the deck is reshuffled, but if another type of card is exposed, the game may continue. If there is more than one additional card dealt, the pack must be reshuffled.