No Strings Hold You Down with Pinocchio Video Slots

Pinocchio is no longer just a part of childhood fairy tales thanks to this great online slot game from Real Time Gaming. Using all of the most memorable parts from the classic story, Real Time has constructed a great, fun game that will have you going ‘I remember that,’ while the winnings pour in. Offered by most online casinos, Pinocchio Video Slots gives players multiple chances to win, whether they are watching little Pinocchio dance on the slot wheel, or they’ve just turned on auto-play so they can pop in the movie and enjoy the entire story again.

Pinocchio Comes to Life on the Reel

Pinocchio Video Slots puts its unique theme to work right away by having Pinocchio pop up and dance right on the reel. While neat on its own, players will be very happy to see Pinocchio as he triples any line win that uses a spot on the wheel that he resides in. So not only is the cute little cartoon there to perk up the game, he helps you win money as well! Plus Pinocchio means one fewer wheel that you have to worry about when trying to get a line of symbols to all match together. If you’re lucky, he might even appear on two wheels, meaning you only have to match three to have a line pay out.

Get Stringed Along By Pinocchio Video Slots and when the Jackpot

The Pinocchio slot game has a progressive jackpot, which means that the more people play, the higher the jackpot will climb. And, with a theme as fun as Pinocchio, who would not want to play a game or two? But the great part about this video slot is that anyone, regardless of how well they did during a spin, has a chance to win the Jackpot after every game. They just have to be lucky enough to get the string that leads them to the pot. So basically all players get two chances to win – once during the actual game, and then again at the end when they have the chance to get the pot!

Find the Fairy, Get Free Games

And, of course, Pinocchio offers lucky players the opportunity to win free games. All they have to do is find the lovely Blue Fairy and she will gift you with five, ten, or fifteen free games, depending on how many Fairy symbols show up on the wheels. Not only does that mean at least five more chances to spin the slots, but it also means five more chances to find that elusive string and claim the jackpot for yourself.

Pinocchio’s adventures have brought him all over the world, and into the ocean, and now he’s living in a great online slot machine, waiting to help win you some money. With a fun, lighthearted theme, this video slot machine is a lot of fun, and the two chances to win makes it a game that is well worth seeking out.